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How much do they cost?
The base AlumaSki for recreational buyers begins around $25,000 USD with a basic set of features including reverse and your choice of color.
What kind of engine is in the AlumaSki?
Currently, our boats are powered with a reliable marine 4-stroke 1100cc engine. The output is around 110 horsepower.
What colors can I get?
We offer a complete array of custom colors for the powder coated finish. Note: Some colors come at an extra cost, please inquire for details.
Ordering process.
(1) To order your AlumaSki, please contact us by phone or email to let us know how you intend to use your new boat. (2) We will send you dealer or direct purchase details. (3) Place a 15% deposit and we will start building your new AlumaSki. (4) Custom boats take about 4-6 weeks to complete.
What models are available?
We have created boats for many applications, such as hunting, fishing and just for fun. Our SAR (Search and Rescue) model is a customized boat tailored to the needs of the department, regional waters and specific SAR applications. Visit or Contact us for details!

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